So… guys ! you have 4 h before leaving for the airport. Discuss with your group mates how to spend this time in London. Choose one place to visit and/or one activity to do… and enjoy your free time in one of the best cities of the world!  😀

+ activity/place and argument for

+ disagree … and cons

+ agree … and pros

Time out London

1O1 things to do in London 

extra: Descriptions of Speech Acts

Getting the hares back in the race

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Student asleep in classAhead of his talk at IATEFL Liverpool, Edmund Dudley looks at ways of motivating certain difficult types of teenage learners.

I have two types of teenage student.

First, there are the tortoises. They feel they do not have enough English lessons in a week. Whatever their level of English might be, they feel it is not good enough – or that they will never be good enough to have a conversation with a native speaker or to enjoy a film in English. They feel slow and awkward.

I know how to work with this kind of student – and how important it is to be patient, encouraging and supportive. I think we all do.

What about the second type?

The second type are the hares. They are the ones who feel that they have too many English lessons in a week. They are happy with their level of English –…

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Promoting intellectual quality with an IWB

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benefits of interactive white boards video

Chapter 3 Promoting intellectual quality with an IWB by Kent (2008) stresses the intellectual quality that can be brought to the classroom through the use of an interactive white board (IWB), as many students learn visually IWB allows deeper understanding as lessons become more creative and open ended.

Kent (2008)  p19 believes one characteristic that is common to all good teachers is ”to promote high levels of intellectual quality into their classroom” IWB provides this through creating open ended lessons which create deeper discussion and the ability to save lessons to be revised and reflected upon at a later date. The randomness IWB brings to the class can be used to keep students focused as well as putting the content being taught into a wider context for deeper understanding. Kent (2008) believes IWB avoids tasks becoming repetitive and I agree as IWB has the…

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JournalsDo you want to write an article for an academic journal? Don’t know how to get started? Graham Hall, editor of ELT Journal, offers some advice.

What’s your view of ‘theory’ and ‘research’ in English language teaching? Have you ever heard another teacher say ‘that’s fine in theory, but it’s just not relevant to me’, or even ‘I’m too busy actually teaching to look at research’ (maybe you think this yourself)? Well, in some ways, your colleagues might have a point – teachers are busy and research can seem very remote from what happens in our classrooms.

But, in the end, everything we do as teachers is informed by some kind of theory – whether the ideas of researchers in our field investigating how languages might be learned, or the methodological approaches embedded in our textbooks, or our own personal theories about what constitutes a ‘good’ classroom activity, or…

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