Is It Worth Getting a Degree?

What Happens to Jayne

EducationThis question comes up all the time.  I work in an industry that has never required any sort of post-secondary education certificate to hire people.  I knew that while I was at school.  So why go through with it?  And was it worth it?

My parents were very clear on one thing growing up.  We were going to University.  That’s it, end of discussion.  Neither of my parents were educated until later in life, so they both knew what it was like to go back after a few years.  In high school we needed good grades and we all had to pick where we wanted to go.  My parents would support us through our degree and make sure we were able to finish.

Seems strict?  It wasn’t really.  We could pick any post-secondary school we wanted, go into any field we wanted and it could be in any city we wanted…

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