2nd year finals

Eg. Phrases for dialogues

Assessment scale1

Assessment scale2

Assessment scale3


1. 3 Графика с описаниями.
2. Глобализация (ревью)
3. Глобализация (сам текст с вопросами)
4. Диалог о консьюмеризме
5. Текст про Эйнштейна
6. Ethical Consumerism
8. Reading circle
9. Ревью статьи о sp
10. Таблица с -ing and bare infinitive
11. Summarizing
12. Theme & Rheme
13. Таблица с заметками про “маргаритавилль”]
– TASK II [TEST = vocabulary, key language, vocal in use, verb patterns, non-finite verbs, have something done, theme-rheme…]

–  TASK III [two students take part in the conversation based on topics connected with the studied issues]

1 Could you specify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the processes named «globalization» and «consumerism».
2 Speak about the present day allusions found in the text by S. Leacock «MODEL MONOLOGUES: No. II. MRS. NEWRICH BUYS ANTIQUES».
3 Discuss the sarcastic irony of  S. Leacock in the text «MODEL MONOLOGUES: No. II.  MRS. NEWRICH BUYS ANTIQUES»; what becomes the object of his criticism?
4 What are the most and the least enjoyable aspects of the shopping process today? Do you agree with the statement that people buy too many goods these days?
5 Share your view point on the role of ethic and aesthetic issues in the sphere of mass consumption?
6 What do you think about the entrepreneurship in the sphere of public education?

7 Have you red any critical reviews on the present day economic issues?
8 Could you explain the symbols and ideas from the caricature of economic crisis in the SP episode, known as “Margaritaville”.
9 Do you have any particular career plan in mind? Will your future job reflect your values?
10 What do you think about the activity known as «ethical consumerism»?