Design workshop&project

My dream home/space project


  1. Watch videos on YT:
    1.  =It’s So Miami / surroundings
    2.  =Offbeat Spaces
    3. =Wat is a condo?
    4. =Loft on Wheels – Tiny House
    5. =sketching
    6. =apart tour
    7. =lux1
    8. =lux2
    9. =top10
  2. Choose one of the articles, SQ3R the news and leave the feedback here in the comment section bellow (don’t forget to write your name first):
    5. you can find more on the guardian site – use search tool
  3. use RoomSketcher Home Designer free app and print the result 
  4. or just make a sketch of your ideal home
  5.  VISUALIZE YOUR HABITAT  – make a presentation about your dream home … take your time ))2014-12-life-of-pix-free-stock-photos-relax-labtop-sofa-slippers-leeroy

26 thoughts on “Design workshop&project

  1. Marina Shvegeneva, group 1.1 says:

    I’ve chosen the article about 10 of the best architecture tours ( Of course, I used the SQ3R reading method including questioning while surveying:
    – Which of the offered tours are the most expensive?
    – What architectural style is the most popular with modern architects and designers?
    – How this article could be helpful for my “Dream House Project”?

    In brief, the article is about different architecture tours all over the world (the USA, the UK, India, Cambodia, Brazil, Australia, Czech Republic, Spain and Japan). It is mentioned that these guided trips reveal the unique stories of buildings and city designs, which is very educational for people of all ages. All of them are walking excursions, except for Brutalist bus tour in London. The price varies from $6 (Japanese architecture and tour of the Diet Building) to $77 (Mid-century modernism tour) per person. Each part of the article is illustrated with one of the buildings you will see during your trip.
    On the whole, all the tours look attractive and arouse curiosity. Unfortunately, there is no information about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the trips. But generally speaking, it’s worth a try.

  2. Guchua Lula, 1.1 group says:

    While being on the weekends I have enjoyed reading all this articles,but online link about buildings in Singapore ( admired me the most. So,before reading I have done some survey, read all the headlines, took a look through all the pictures and understood that I am really interested in this information. For the first look the main 3 question that came to my mind were:
    1. Which of the buildings I would like the most?
    2. What is the general architectural style of all this buildings?
    3. Does it worth it to visit Singapore? (P.S. I am searching the next destination for my future summer holidays 😂)
    Well,to be more precise, when the reading was finished,my questions disappeared too. As for me the most impressive building is Tower 15. All in all it can be so because i am keen on skyscrapers). Secondly, I understood that it’s fullish to be searching for one arcitechtural style. Of course this city is unusual and full of eclectic buildings. And,obviously, Singapore worths it! Thanks to the writers of this article, I have really fallen in love with this city through the internet,so I will visit it with the greatest pleasure! 😍

  3. Tolkunova Anna says:

    Tolkunova Anna, group 1.1
    I’ve chosen the article about Luxury Survival Condos ( As you wished, I used the SQ3R reading method, so here you can see three of my questions:
    1. How can I buy this “house”?
    2. Is it convenient to live in such a place?
    3. Does someone live there nowadays?

    In general, this text says that in the world there was consrtucted a special so-called “house” (in a missile silo). There can easily accommodate 70 people and live about 5 years. Silo 1 has everything for convenience and even more: a large stock of products and food, an underground hydroponic farm, a firing range, a surface-level pool and spa, a library, a pub and many other things. At the end of the text it is said, that Silo 2 is under construction, because the 1st one has already sold out.

  4. Tishina Nadya says:

    I have chosen the article about small towns in the US. I was really enjoined in the reading this article as it was interesting for me to learn something new about towns in the US. So, when I look through all photos and headlines of small paragraphs, I had three questions:
    1. What is the most beautiful town?
    2. Why these towns are the best?
    3. What town is the most popular with tourists?

    When I read this article, I didn’t find answers on all of my questions.
    As for me, the most beautiful town is Poulsbo, Washington as there are 8,000ft Olympic Mountains. This town is picturesque and spectacular.
    These towns are not very popular with tourists and not many people know about them, but there are many interesting places which you can visit. And these towns are the best small towns in the US through these wonderful places. For example, in Guerneville, California there is the Russian River, with canoes, kayaks, umbrellas and beach chairs available for rent. It is a wonderful place to rest. Also, you can visit Helper, Utah. It is a sort of living museum. If you are interested in American culture, you will be delight in spending time there.
    I didn’t find any information about the most popular town with tourists. I think it depends on human preferences.

  5. Kuzmina Ekaterina, 1.1 group says:

    After reading all of these articles I understood that the most fascinating and readable item for me is about preserving historical buildings ( In order to better assimilate the information I used sq3r method. First of all, I surveyed the text, headline, looked at photos and asked some questions:
    1. What was important for Flourmill Studios?
    2. Why the most sustainable thing is not to build new stuff but to preserve historical buildings?
    3. What is the co-generation system?
    In point of fact, after reading the article I found all answers to these questions. And I learned that the most important thing for Flourmill Studios to preserve the mill’s industrial core and character, such as the original shafts, wheels and belts while making the buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient. Also I realized that renovated or restore old buildings can use less energy than flash new buildings because new buildings demand over-glazing or creating deep floor plates requiring ventilation fans and lights on all day. Just because it is better to preserve historical buildings. And finally the co-generation system means not only electricity is supplied to the office but also сo-generation provides heating for the building and for hot water. To sum up it is getting two forms of energy – heat and electricity. To expand the horizons it is useful to learn something new for yourself!!!

  6. Ermokhina Maria, group 1.1 says:

    My attention was intrigued by this article
    It happened cause I’ve never heared about smth like this before. Didn’t think it can be real, so I decided to check out the information about the luxurous apartments which gonna be safe in case of an apocalypse.
    Looking through all the pictures and headlines while surveying, such questions arised in my mind:
    Firstly, how much does this survival house cost?
    Secondly, why is it luxurous? I mean, is it an amazing design or some expensive furnuture? What is special about that?
    And thirdly, how can it save people from the apocalypse?

    Actually this article didn’t dissapoint me. I’ve got all the information I needed after checking it out. It’s really too much expensive, as I guess. $1.5m for a half floor, or $3m for a full floor. I wanna look at that wonder-person who’s gonna buy it…
    Well, there are all the facilities we need to feel comfortable: 50in LED TV, awesome kitchen, large reserves of food, spa, cinema, etc. Sounds good. A good opportunity to destroy the stress caused by the apocalypse having some spa procedures.
    As for the safity, it’s deep underground with the heavy armoured doors and tough walls.

    In conclusions, I’d like to mention that it’s one of the most foolish things to buy for me. That’s just my opinion.

  7. Bedretdinova Kamilla says:

    (Bedretdinova Kamilla, group 1.1)
    I`ve chosen the article about “Top 10 building designs in Singapore” ( )
    1) What buildings are included?
    2) What is the “Henderson wave”?
    3) What are advantages of ” Eco Gourmet Cafe”?
    1)This top 10 includes :
    – the Interlace
    – the Pearl Bank
    -the Tower 15
    – the Henderson Wave
    – the Kilo Lounge
    – the Eco Gourmet Cafe
    -the Lor 24A Shophouse Series
    – the Satay by the Bay
    – the Blk 6 Marine Terrace playground
    – the Benjamin Sheares bridge
    2) The “Henderson wave” is one of the bridges located in the Southern Ridges.
    3) The main advantage of ” Eco Gourmet Cafe” is that the dining area is naturally ventilated, also the cafe is located in one of the oldest parks of Singapore, so it makes a huge difference and helps visitors to relax and have a rest from the bustle of the city.

  8. Anna Petrova group 1.1 says:

    I’ve chosen the article about top 10 building designs in Singapore. The first thing I thought about before reading was: How many unusual designs wil i see here? Then I thought:
    – Do the architechts care about ecology? (If they do, then do they plant bushes on the roofs of high buildings or something)
    – Did the include office buildings only in their list or not?
    When I have read the text I have found answers to two of my questions, including the first one. To me, all the buildings from this article are unusual and sometimes even weird. The strangest one is the Tower 15 which is literally built over another building and seems to have giant table legs.
    The second question is still a mystery for me. I mean, I can’t be sure if I got a complete answer. The author neither mentioned the architechts’ attitude to ecology problems nor wrote anything about saving the environment. The only thing he said about the topic was mentioning of Eco Gourmet Cafe and of its location in woods. However, the answer to the third question is easy to find. The author describes both office buildings and the others, such as the cafe and the playground.

  9. Ivanova Maria group 1.2 says:

    I have chosen the article about brutalist architecture ( It was very fascinating to read this article and when I looked through it for the first glance, I had 3 questions :
    1) What are the main features of brutalism?
    2) Are buildings which are constructed in this slyle really comfortable for life?
    3) There are no such buildings in Russia, aren’t there?
    In short, this article is about how brutalism reborn now. After reading I could found 2 answers on my questions.
    So, brutalist buidings are mainly hulking, massive, monumental. This style is a clear example of practicality, pragmatism and simplicity.
    Concerning second question, many men, many mind. It may seem rude and boring, but it is also reliable and unassuming so, it depends on personal opinion is it comfortable for life or not.
    For instance, Felix Salmon, an author of this article, find them very attractive.
    As for the third question, I didn’t find any information about such buildings in Russia. Therefore, I can’t say confidently that my assumption was true.

  10. Rodion Turundayev, 1. 1 says:

    I’ve SQ3R’ed the ” Concrete jungle… ” article. Here are my 3 questions:

    — Is it going to touch briefly on the history of those concrete edifices and the vein itself?
    — Will I get to know whether one of the attached photos is a shot from a commercial or a sneak pic of Tom Hiddlestone in a high rise?
    — Is there any info about the reasons for which brutalism is/was despised by so many people?

    Rendering the purport of the whole text, it’s about a rivalry between two architectors, one of which represented the steel-and-glass international style and the other one was amored with concrete, so eventually the latter worked out the essentials of the so-called brutalism. It tells us about the brunt both styles had born in the 20th century and final resurgence of brutalism as people were getting more and more disappointed with the international style and revealing more in the former. At last, people started to see souls in egalitarian brutalist buildings, in contrast to erections of antiseptic glass which were associated with social inequality. At the end the author says that concrete is complementary to the organic which makes for great visuals.

  11. Daria Pavlova, group 1.2 says:

    I have chosen an article about preserving historical buildings ( Before starting to read this article, I have looked through headline, all pictures, phrases that catch one’s eye. And after that I had some questions according to this article:
    1. Are there some advantages about not to build new staff and use old buildings?
    2. What old buildings are used for?
    3. Do people reconstruct such buildings? What changes people do with it?
    The article is about the usage of old buildings in modern world that are retrofitted. It is said that all these buildings referring in the item were upgraded for reuse. In reconstruction of buildings people used a modern touch that allow edifice not to look dilapidated. Thus, its outward appearance stood quite attractive. One more important thing that is mentioned in the article is energy-efficiency lessons from historical buildings, because it can use less energy than new one and retains warmth in winter and cold in summer.
    In my opinion, this idea is excellent because of preservation of old buildings that are full of history and in such way people retain the remembrances about the past in the minds of people. Indubitably, there is a practical side consists in not to use new areas for building. So, cities have an opportunity not to be an encumbered. To sum up, I would like to say that reading this article was interesting and helpful and thanks to it I got to know new things that I have not known before.

  12. Alexander Zaslavskiy, group 1.1 says:

    I have SQ3R’ed the article about underground apartments’ delineation ( we go with my 3 questions about the content:
    1) How many people can the bomb shelter accommodate?
    2) How easy is it to get an access to the apocalypse-proof silo in case of a nuclear war?
    3) For how long the asylum can function offline?
    Summing up the essence, this article is a piece of ironic, very laconic description of a bomb shelter. Depicting its facilities and features the columnist furnishes the article with the detailed graphic. I was a bit amazed after reading: the whole structure can sustain sheltering people for five years, which is a tiny amount of time. I was pleasantly surprised with the quantity of humans can be fitted in (70) and very friendly cost (only $3m for such a massive and insanely difficult-to-build construction). If I were Trump I would definitely purchase this lot.

  13. Solokhina Anna, group 1.1 says:

    I’ve chosen the article “Top 10 building designs in Singapore” (
    The headline has caught my attention because I always enjoy reading various ratings about design and architecture. Therefore, I decided to use SQ3R method to get all necessary information from the article. After looking through the article I have 3 questions:
    1. Are all these buildings public?
    2. Were the buildings made in contemporary styles only?
    3. Who have made this rating?
    Later I got the next answers:
    1. Interlace is not a private building, that’s why not all of the buildings are public.
    2. There was no exact information about buildings’ styles, but judging from the pictures, I guess most of them were built in contemporary styles like hi-tech or modernism.
    3. Tiah Nan Chyuan shared his thoughts about buildings designs in Singapore with readers. He is the founder and director of Farm (a design and architecture firm).

  14. This is the correct comment, Anastasia Evgenievna!
    It was a difficult choice for me, but I’ve finally decided what about I would like to speak. It is the article “Preserving historical buildings”. I’ve prefered this one, because I have never seen reused buildings and so I’ve been inspired by it. That’s why I studied the article, using SQ3R method.
    Firstly, I asked 3 questions:
    1.Who found out reusing heritage buildings?
    2.What are the buildings in the article?
    3. Why these buildings must be preserved?
    Than I got some answers for them.
    There is no exact information about innovators of reusing heritage buildings, but I can tell, that Allen Jack + Cottier architects used this technology. Also The Green Building Council of Australia encourages the reuse and retrofit, that is friendly enviromantal, I suppose.
    I’d like to note, that this article mentioned some reused buildings, such as : the mill into 47 strata studios, Adelaide automobile factory, The main assembly building to the Tonsley site, the Auditorium to a cinema, a shopping mall, an office and a retail space set in a newly built nine -storey internal glass atrium. These changes were done, because of saving energy, making buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient, innovations of those times, workface productivaty.
    I can say, that these improvements are obligatory nowadays and I would really like to see the same technologies in other countries.
    Thank you for your attention!

  15. Prokhorova Ekaterina, group 1.2 says:

    I have chosen an article about best architecture tours( ) . So, when I looked it through I had three question:
    1. Which of the countries represents the most fascinating tour?
    2. Is there any info how is it possible to visit places I liked?
    3. What are the architecture styles these buildings have?
    I really enjoyed reading this article. It is amazing to know more about different architecture styles and visit some of the most famous and interesting buildings in the world. What about my first question, I suppose that the author of the article allowed readers to decide themselves what tour is the most fascinating: tastes differ, so to speak. I found all the information about visiting these places, all contacts and cost. These tours comprises visiting buildings with lots of different architecture styles such as modernism, brutalism, art nouveau and contemporary architecture. Sounds great! I think it is a precious opportunity for people interested in such things.

  16. Gaivoronskaya Svetlana, group 1.2 says:

    I looked throught all presented articles and my attention was drawn to the article about luxury Survival Condo ( I used SQ3R method to get neccessary information about that. First of all, I paid my attention to the headline and photos which seemed to be interesting for me because I like such extraordinary ideas of people’s mind. After that I had some questions about that place the article says us about:
    1. Who is that person who decided to build a house like that and why?
    2. How many people can live in that building and for how long they can stay there?
    3. Do we really need this kind of housing in future?
    The article tells us about the Survival Condo built in Kansas. This luxury building includes many different goods such as a pool, cinema, library, medical centre and even food production that means that people have an opportunity to live there for years. Nevertheless, the stucture is desighed to surtain 70 people for five years. This idea is quite good for today’s world because the problem of climate shift (or even nuclear threat) is being the most burning issue and people need to be sure that they can deal with that in some way. This kind of housing is getting more and more popular. One building has already sold out and now the second one is underconstuction. As for me, this is very interesting project which reminds me about an idea of space-hotels. I think this place is very interesting for visiting but I hope that people will not use that for living in the nearest future.
    Thank you for your attention.

  17. Garaeva Roksana group 1.2 says:

    It was difficult for me to choose on of these artcicles , but anyway I chose this one , because it was very interesting . Аfter reading this article , I have 3 questions :
    1 . which of these buildings I liked more , than others ?
    2 . Are all these buildings public or private ?
    3 . what is the architectural style of these buildings ?

    After reading these artile again , my questions exhausted . I liked all the buildings .BUT ! Henderson Waves, in my opinion , is the most unusual and interesting . Fortunately , this is a public place . So , you can visit this magnificent place . It is very difficult to determine in what style were these buildings built . But still , in my opinion , it seems to me that it’s modernism . Because all of these buildings are done in a trendy way .
    In conclusion, I would like to say that I was pleased to read and see photos in this article . In the future I would like to visit this country , to see it with my own eyes .
    Thank you for your attention !

    Roksana Garaeva , group 1.2.

  18. Anastasia Ovsyannikova says:

    Anastasia Ovsyannikova, group 1.2 says:
    I decided to choose this article The article interested me your headline and I decided to familiarize with it. The article answered to me on my basic question, such as:
    -Why this buildings designs popular?
    -This buildings have general styles?
    -Worth to visit Singapore city?
    I can find answers on my all question. The building designs are popular, because they are really imposing! Every building in Singapore have own advantages and disadvantage. For example Interlace is bizarre building with private and communal spaces indeed, but, unfortunately “this is not a public building where more people can experience the space. “ Moreover, all buildings have modern different styles and they are really pompouse. After reading this article, I has firmly decided to visit Singapore city. Also, I want to say that this buildings designs are inspire of me to create my dream house!

  19. Shihova Daria, group 1.2 says:

    I’ve choosen the article about 10 tiny churches around the UK ( I really enjoyed reading this article and found it interesting how many unusual and almost unknown churches are there in Britain. Most of them are quite old and well kept, but there are amazing exceptions with extraordinary history.

    So, looking through this interesting article I had a few questions:
    1. Which church is the oldest?
    2. Which church was featured on TV recently?
    3. What is the smallest and strangest working church in England?

    Firstly, it was hard to determine the oldest church among them, but I suppose the St Govan’s Chapel, which looks simply outside, is my answer. This little chapel is perched halfway down a Pembrokeshire cliff and it is likely that it was built in the 6th century. Secondly, the St Thomas à Becket church, topped by a bell-cote that reminds a castle turret, may be known for you, because it featured in the recent television and cinema adaptations of Dickens’ Great Expectations. And, Thirdly, my the most favourite and at the same time the smallest and strangest working church is St Fursey’s church. It was built in the garden belonging to its priest when Father Stephen left the Anglican Church and joined the Antiochan Orthodox Church. He constracted it by plywood, measuring just 18ft x 13ft. The church cost him around £ 5,000, but despite the cheapness it looks cozy with Russian Orthodox icons inside the church.

  20. Verizhenko Mark, group 1.2 says:

    All articles are awesome, but I was really interested by the idea of Survival Condo. ( So,I used SQ3R method to get enough information about this incredible building. There are my three questions:
    1. Does these buildings become more and more relevant?
    2. Is there some more plans of buildings of the same type?
    3. Can Survivals Condos save people from the earthshaking?
    In the article I found the information about Survival Condo and I was really shoked by this. I have never heard about such styles of buildings and what for this buildings construct.
    These buildings can become relevant because of environmental and ecological problems, which is progressing nowadays. Surprisingly, Silo 1 is already overcrowded, but fortunately Silo 2 is under construction. This Condo has so much space for many floors and different rooms with necessary things such as food, medicine, library. Unfortunately there are enough goods only for five years.
    I think it is good idea to continue construction of these buildings and i’d like to get at least half floor just in case, but it’s too expensive for me.

  21. Nosova Polina, group 1.2 says:

    I`ve chosen the article about “Top 10 building designs in Singapore” ( )
    I decided to use SQ3R method to get all important information from the article. After looking through all headlines of paragraphs and photos, I had three questions:
    1. What buildings are included in that top?
    2. Who have made this top?
    3. Why the Blk 6 Marine Terrace playground is one of the Top 10 building designs in Singapore?

    1. This top 10 includes:
    – the Interlace
    – the Pearl Bank
    – the Tower 15
    – the Henderson Wave
    – the Kilo Lounge
    – the Eco Gourmet Cafe
    – the Lor 24A Shophouse Series
    – the Satay by the Bay
    – the Blk 6 Marine Terrace playground
    – the Benjamin Sheares bridge
    2. Tiah Nan Chyuan, as the founder and director of Farm, have made this top about living spaces in Singapore
    3. The Blk 6 Marine Terrace playground looks like any other public housing playground, but it is special to the author because he used to play there as a kid.

  22. Abrosimov Nikita,group 1.2 says:

    I have chosen the article about top 10 building designs in Singapore ( ).

    I used SQ3R method and had 3 questions:
    1)What buildings are included in this top?
    2)What facts about Tiah Nan Chyuan can I learn ,reading this article?
    3)Can I visit all of these buildings?

    After reading this article I found answers to my questions:
    1)In this top are included the Interlace,the Pearl Bank,the Tower 15,the Henderson Wave,the Kilo Lounge,the Eco Gourmet Cafe,the Lor 24A Shophouse Series,the Satay by the Bay,the Blk 6 Marine Terrace playground and the Benjamin Sheares bridge.
    2)Tiah Nan Chyuan is the founder and director of Farm, a firm that riffs between architecture, branding and industrial design.
    3)Interlace is not a public building, that is why I cannot visit all of these amazing structures.

    I think, once i will arrive in Singapore and the most important part of my travelling will be visiting this “Top”.

  23. Peregudova Elizaveta, group 1.2 says:

    I’ve looked through all articles and I’ve chosen one about underground apartments (
    After a survey, I have some questions.
    1)Who is a designer and why he decided to construct building in a such place?
    2)How many people can be protected with Condo?
    3)What kind of facilities do the underground apartments have?
    4)How is it possible to become an owner of Condo?
    Reading the article, I found out many new and interesting for me. The Condos are really luxury apartments for Apocalypses and they can be available only for rich people. The Survival Condo has all necessary facilities (I think that they are habitual for a wealthy person), for example pool, gym, pub, game room, etc. In addition, Condo has really unique design and location. Comfortable bunker is located in Kansas, i.e. it was built into a disused Atlas F missile silo. The most paranoid people will feel safe themselves in a building with concrete walls!
    According to the designer, underground apartments could sustain 70 people for five years. It’s really impressive! But there is a negative side for potential buyers: price goes for $1.5m for a half floor, or $3m for a full floor. By the way, you can’t be sure, that the Survival Condo will be really needed you or your descendants.
    In my opinion, this article is compelling. Unfortunately, it answered not all my questions. It doesn’t have some information about designer and why did he decide to create the bunker for Apocalypses. Is it only commercial interest or something else?

  24. Alexandra Solovyeva, group 1.2 says:

    I have read all presented articles and chosen the article about luxury Survival Condo ( I used SQ3R method to make a review about that information. First of all, I paid my attention to the headline, subtitle, photos and plan of the condo and they seemed to me interesting because I like these ideas about post-apocalypse surviving. Afterwards I had some questions about that place:
    1. Who is the architect of this extraordinary building?
    2. How many people can live in that building and for how long they can stay there?
    3. Will that idea be relevant in the future?
    The article is about the luxury Survival Condo built in Kansas. This building includes many rooms and spaces, for example a pool, cinema, library, medical centre. There’s also a hydroponic farm so that mean that it’s possible to produce your own food when people supplies run out. That means that people can live there for years. Moreover, the building is designed for 70 people living there for 5 years. The idea of survival condo is helpful for us nowadays because the problem nuclear threat is one of the most important issues and people need to be protected in some way. This kind of accommodation has been becoming more popular recently. One building has already sold out and now the second one is underconstuction. I think that this is a very interesting project. I am absolutely sure that this survival condo is a very amazing place for visiting but I believe that people will not use that for the real purpose.
    Thank you for your attention.

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