Design workshop&project

My dream home/space project


  1. Watch videos on YT:
    1.  =It’s So Miami / surroundings
    2.  =Offbeat Spaces
    3. =Wat is a condo?
    4. =Loft on Wheels – Tiny House
    5. =sketching
    6. =apart tour
    7. =lux1
    8. =lux2
    9. =top10
  2. Choose one of the articles, SQ3R the news and leave the feedback here in the comment section bellow (don’t forget to write your name first):
    5. you can find more on the guardian site – use search tool
  3. use RoomSketcher Home Designer free app and print the result 
  4. or just make a sketch of your ideal home
  5.  VISUALIZE YOUR HABITAT  – make a presentation about your dream home … take your time ))2014-12-life-of-pix-free-stock-photos-relax-labtop-sofa-slippers-leeroy


Помогает очистить текст от словесного мусора, проверяет на соответствие информационному стилю. Расскажите о Главреде всем, кто пишет:

  • Редакционные стандарты издательства «Актион-МЦФЭР»:

  • Макет журнала «Главбух»:

Модульная сетка

В основе сетки — книжный канон эпохи раннего возрождения, «канон Ван Де Граафа». Канон был доработан, чтобы увеличить ёмкость полосы:


Good practice in the conduct and reporting of survey research

DOI: 261-266  First published online: 1 May 2003


Survey research is sometimes regarded as an easy research approach. However, as with any other research approach and method, it is easy to conduct a survey of poor quality rather than one of high quality and real value. This paper provides a checklist of good practice in the conduct and reporting of survey research. Its purpose is to assist the novice researcher to produce survey work to a high standard, meaning a standard at which the results will be regarded as credible. The paper first provides an overview of the approach and then guides the reader step-by-step through the processes of data collection, data analysis, and reporting. It is not intended to provide a manual of how to conduct a survey, but rather to identify common pitfalls and oversights to be avoided by researchers if their work is to be valid and credible.

  • data reporting
  • health care surveys
  • methodology
  • questionnaires
  • research design
  • survey methods
  • surveys