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Presenting a Quote

Quotes can be an important part of any PowerPoint presentation.

Traditional presentation skills training might advocate memorising the quote, and reading it aloud without turning around to look at the screen. When a presenter makes eye contact with the audience, they feel compelled to look back. Yet, at the same time, the audience want to read the quote for themselves, and this desire typically wins out. The audience ignore the presenter, and read for themselves.  The audience will look at the presenter when they finish reading, at which point the presenter can continue with the presentation.


1. Build the slide with heading and client logo.

2. Explain the relevance of the quote.

3. Build the slide by bringing in the actual quote. Turn to the screen and silently read the quote to yourself. The audience will be slower than you.

4. Turn to the audience, and when they indicate they have finished reading by looking at you, talk about whom the person who gave the quote is, and why their opinion counts.

Presenting a Quote | m62

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